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Verona Shriley Perrins

 Mother is sixteen years old in this picture.  I have looked at this picture a hundred times thinking "and she's only sixteen going on twenty-five."  Vern and Verona, what are the chances of two young people falling in love, living in a small town and their first names start with a V.

Mother loved to play basketball and yes, she is the one on the right top end wearing a necklace!
Mother always looked her best!  On the bottom row third from the  left is her sister Kerma.
Mother loved to remind me what a fast runner she was.  At a 4th of July celebration in Oakley (Idaho) she entered in as many foot races as she could winning them all and they politely asked her not to come back

I love this picture for the natural beauty of it.
In the background - the hills of Albion.

  Mother not only played basketball but, was a cheerleader.  She was president of her Sophomore class.

Verona graduated from Albion High School in 1932 and unlike her older brothers and sisters did not want to attend the Albion Normal School to  become a teacher so she went to Deer Park, Washington to live with her brother Melvin and his wife Ressa through the winter of '32, '33.    I believe she is holding the hand of her niece Mary Lou, oldest daughter of Melvin and Ressa.    This would be the first time ever to be away from home and she was VERY  home sick.

To keep her busy and her mind off being so homesick, her brother Melvin volunteered her to coach the girls basketball team.  Melvin Perrins taught school in Deer Park and coached every boys  sport that was offered!  Can you pick her out?

She returned to Albion in the Spring of 1933 and decided to attend Albion Normal School after all and  hated every minute of it.

This picture was taken on 28 October 1933
on the wedding day of her friend Margaret Bauman to Laurence Leroy Henry.
What's so special about this picture is that I have the dress she is wearing.  It was a prom dress she had, light green in color very thin material.
Mother came from poor circumstances but, she always could 'pull it off'.

Mother died 10 March 2006, age 91.  She always thought she would die in her 70's like her mother Edna.  (She was 70)  And that's why living over twenty years longer was so surprising to her.  When she was 87 years old  I asked her this question:  If you could go back in a time of your life where would it be?  Without hesitation she said;  "To be 16, riding a horse on a spring day, in the field behind my house! "  I thought about this answer a lot.   Of course, that was a time in her life when her body was active, she loved Albion High School, she was the class president, she played center on the girls basketball team, she was a cheer leader, she was dating the best looking boy in town ("Butch" was his nickname) Vern Tomlinson and she She lived in the beautiful Albion Valley she so dearly loved.
Dad died in 1991.  They are now together in Eternity.   Love you, Mom and Dad.

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Good one Grandma! You never cease to amaze me with your plethora of knowledge about your family. I admire it! Can't wait to see you guys again soon! - Maddison