Sunday, December 5, 2010

Verona Shriley Perrins

Verona abt. 2 years old
     Today, Mother would be 96 years old.  She lived to be 91 which was one of the biggest surprises of her life.  Mother was born in the house that Sam built.  Sam was her father, Edna Phippen was her mother.  5th December 1914, Albion, Cassia, Idaho, Verona Shirley Perrins was the seventh of eight children.  Her oldest sister, Ethel, was thirteen years old, brother Melvin was twelve, Gladys was nine, Estel was five, twins Kermit and Kerma were two, then her youngest sister Freda, was born when mother was five. In Mother's life history she wrote "I had a happy childhood.  My brothers and sisters spoiled me."
Verona abt. 5 years old.

When Mother was about 5 years old she could sing and new all the verses to "America". Her Aunt Flora and Uncle Charley  owned a mercantile store in Albion and Mother would stand on the counter and sing for the drummers (salesman) and customers and they would give her money.  It got so she wouldn't sing unless she was given money first.


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Lisa said...

I always felt like I shared a special connection with Grandma just for the fact that my birthday was 2 days before hers. It was like I was her birthday gift that year. Thanks for the post-I think of Grandma often and it's nice to read these little stories about her that I have never heard before.