Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Picture of daughter and grandchildren of Thomas and Mary Hepworth and male friend.

Many many times I have held this picture in my hand looking and wondering;

What year was this picture taken? I am guessing about 1890.

The two girls dressed alike are Mary Olsen (sitting) and Katie Olsen. They are sisters born seventeen months apart;
and died five months apart. Their mother was the first child of Thomas and Mary Hepworth Sarah Julia who crossed the plains when she was just a year old. I have another picture of Mary and Katie and again they are dressed alike.  Did these sisters always dress alike? I'm guessing they were so close and such good friends they did dress alike most of the time.

The pretty girl in black is the two sisters Aunt Alice.   Alice was born in 1872 and was the last child born to Mary and Thomas Hepworth. That would put twenty one years between Alice's oldest sister Sarah Julia and herself.  Being so close in age to daughters of Sarah Julia, I'm sure Alice, Mary and Katie were close friends.  I know they lived almost next door to each other.
This picture was sent to me by a descendant of Mary's.

The boy is identified as Charles Klink but, I cannot find a Charles Klink in the Klink line only John George Klink who married Alice's sister Rose whose story I just posted on this blog. John was born in 1860 which makes him much older than the young ladies in this picture and  John George Klink married Rose in 1889 so I'm sure this young man's identity is incorrect.

My guess it is Fredrick Cashmore Kidgell who is my Great Uncle but, not related to the girls in the picture. He would have known them because his older sister, my Great Grandmother Sarah Ann Kidgell married James Hepworth a brother to Alice and an Uncle to Mary and Katie.   Fred was born in 1871 and I'm sure spent a lot of time at James and Sarah Ann's home who also lived in the same block of the Hepworths.  I have a picture  of him holding a hat that looks very much like the hat he is wearing.   However, this guess is NOT beyond a shadow of a doubt.
     Love the pose.  Love the hats.   Think of the fun times they had growing up together.
Alice and Fred married in 1894; next was Katie in 1896 then Mary married in 1906

At the bottom is the name of the photographer C.R.(Charles Roscoe) who was a renowned studio portrait photographer and famous for photo's of  landscape of the western United States.  Here is a link to his history which is a sad one because his Art Bazaar burned to the ground with all of his negatives and another fire after his death that destroyed all his negatives of the rest of his life.     C.R. Savage Collection  I have been told it is quite an honor to have a picture that comes from the studio of Mr. Savage.  Actually, I have several pictures with his logo.

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