Saturday, October 24, 2015

Haunted Mansions of Albion Behind the Scenes Documentary

Albion, Idaho is the birth place of all eight children of Sam and Edna Phippen Perrins family.  The family home was and still is located across the street from the Albion Campus.  Six of the eight Perrins children graduated from Albion State Normal School including my father Vern Wherrett Tomlinson.  In 1951 it was sad to see the school close and windows boarded up and fall into deterioration.  
Several years ago the whole campus was sold to a private company for under a million dollars. 

They are restoring the buildings bit by bit and this is one way to make money to help with the restoration.  I think my parents would be surprised but, pleased of how the Mortensen's have come up with the idea of a haunted house.  You will see as you view this video of the time and talent that goes into this production.   For sure my father would love it.  He always made Holidays fun for me.  


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