Sunday, August 2, 2015

One Hundred and Two. Happy Birthday Dad

Do you have stories of your life written down for your posterity?

I only have a few but, I do have a goal to do more, lots more in the coming year.  
Each time I read what my father wrote about his life I am reminded how grateful I am he wrote what he did.  It is so important.  
I do know he was going to write more but, put he put it off until he was unable to do so in the last years of his life.  Many memories lost.   

I still can't get over that he was a twelve pound baby!   And the picture of him on his tricycle with the stuffed dog; I remember the toy dog it was on rollers; it was kept for Gary and I to play with.  The picture with Dad sitting on the bench; the girl  is his second cousin Pauline Trealoar.  Pauline had a little sister Katie and Dad spoke of them fondly.  The only stories that were told to me when I was a child were about the fun times with Pauline and Katie. 
In the bottom picture you can see Dad's face in the window of the car and I believe Pauline is the taller girl and I believe the little girl is Pauline's sister Katie.  The girl in the middle is not known but, probably another cousin.

Dad writes that his earliest memory is living at his Grandparents house James and Sadie Hepworth, at 757 West and First North (which is second north today) across the street from Jackson School in Salt Lake City.  
Pauline and Katie lived in the next house on the East side. Pauline was six years older than Dad and Katie was three years younger. Dad writes that they had great times together and that whenever he got into a neighborhood quarrel with the other kids Pauline always came to his rescue.  

They shared illnesses together too.  Pauline was the only one of the 'gang' that was attending school when she brought home the Chicken Pox and of course Dad and sister Louise and Katie all caught the disease.  Immediately the Health Department Authorities came to the houses and hung across the doorway a sign; QUARANTINED STAY OUT CHICKEN POX. 

"We had a great time anyway, we stretched a length of string from our living room window to Pauline's living room window and put tin cans on each end of the string and had ourselves a string telephone."  

Don't you just love it.  SOCIAL MEDIA!

Love you, DAD

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