Tuesday, March 17, 2015

"I'm not Irish or Catholic" says Verona.

Ten years ago today we buried my mother Verona Shirley Perrins Tomlinson.  I spoke at her funeral and I remember my introduction went like this, "Today is St Patrick's Day and every year on this day I would think about my mother. Every St. Pat's day she would say, 'I'm not Irish I'm not Catholic so why would I celebrate today then off to the kitchen to make my father Corn Beef and Cabbage for dinner."  (Something that would not pass my lips when I was living at home.)
Verona Shirley Perrins daughter of Edna Clare Phippen and Samuel Perrins:
b 1914 - d 2006
Verona: Albion High School 1931
Verona 1983
What a surprise when Mother reached the other side to be greeted by  IRISH ANCESTORS.  In 2014 I took a DNA test through Ancestry.com.    When the results came back my ethnicity (estimate) went like this; 49% Great Britain; 22% Ireland; 19% Scandinavia; 5 Other regions; which I will explain at another time.  When I saw the 22% IRISH I immediately thought "This is so bogus." and immediately clicked Ancestry.com off.
IF it was so it would come from my mother's side.
The last time I went into the newFamilySearch.org  and looked at Mother's pedigree it wasn't sourced much and when it's not sourced it's "a myth " as far as I'm concerned.
After much thought I decided to 'LOOK AGAIN' at Mother's pedigree in what is now a better more improved site called FamilySearch.org.  Oh my was I surprised.  IRISH ANCESTORS!  The DNA test proved right after all.   Even a picture and many stories to prove the pedigree.
So (Cousins) descendants of Grandmother Edna Clare Phippen; did you know?  My mother always thought these people were English.
It goes like this:Grandmother Edna Clare Phippen (Perrins)  - Eliza Jane Hudson - Wilford Heath Hudson - Robert Hudson who marries Damaris Lemmon (She's Irish) her father is James Lemmon whose picture and story is below.

There is more information about James and about his father Robert S. Lemmon b 1730 in Tyrone, Artrim, Ireland.   So if you have an LDS account and can access FamilySearch.org.  look up this person to get the rest of the story. His ID number is: L66D-W1P.

Fascinating reading.  I am going to insert a link that is a video on DNA that is one of the best explanation on DNA I have found.  It's one that a layman can understand. It was a class offered by Roots Tech 2015 and worth 44 minutes of your time.
Getting Started in Genetic Genealogy 44. by Diahan Southard

DNA is improving all the time.
I have taken another DNA test again from Ancestry.com and am waiting for the results.  It should tell me more  about my ethnicity than did the last one. This DNA test is called AUTOSUMAL and is explained in the video that is posted above.                                                                                                                     

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Cassidy said...

Thought about Grandma Tomlinson on St Patrick’s Day. What an awesome ancestor James Lemmon is..."Uncle George"...So cool!