Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tom has a new car? (12 April 14) This is his car that I remember way back when?

Back seat:  Julie - Cari - Lori
Front:  Mark - Sue- Tom

This picture has been on top of my printer for some time waiting for the right moment to post.  I was going to use this picture on my facebook page but, today it seems appropriate to post it here on my blog. I do make exceptions now and then to post something about the living and not always about the deceased. This is my nephew Tom before marriage and (to date) 5 children ago.  Life is a lot different for him today than when this picture was taken.  And I must say:  Aunt Renee gives you lots of credit for the differences in you life today than 'Yesterday.'  Good job Tom.  
I remember this being a beautiful day in Seattle and happy times with family.  I'm sure the occupants of the car remember much more than I can recall.  Just the same I love this picture.  Thanks for the Happy Memories.  Love you guys.

Aunt Renée

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