Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Charles Burns 2nd Great Grandfather; is the reason I did a DNA test.

Charles Burns is my Great Great Grandfather and he is the reason I wanted to do the DNA test.  
The above is part of his life story but, I heard another story and it is just that 'a story' until it can be proven and I was hoping a DNA test would be the end all.  
My results of my DNA did not 'synch' the story. But, it did not disprove it either.  
The 'story' was told to me by a distant cousin who lives in Canada.  I visited Magrath, Canada in July of 2003.  The reason I was in Canada was for a 'Family Reunion' for Earl's family held in the nearby city of Cardston. I haven't the time to tell the whole story of how I met up with a cousin named Elizabeth but, she told why the dark skin.  It is said to be that Charles father is really an East Indian. That Charles's mother Ellen Hancock Burns was a domestic servant for a Rajah and he is the real father.This makes me chuckle because  of course it had to be the Rajah and not just some other Indian servant.  It reminds me when people come into the Family History Center wanting to research the linage of American Indian and the story is always, always that the connection is a American Indian Princess.  Not just a regular member of the tribe    
My DNA test did not give me ethnicity in East India but, it did give a small percentage of results for countries, of West Asia; country's Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Syria.  And Italy and Greece.  The jury is still out.  It would be good idea if a member of the Burns family would take a DNA test.  
I will post more picture soon and continue with more of the story of Charles Burns.  


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