Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cari 1967 - 25 March 2009 Berlin Germany

Lori  and Cari Lyn Petersen
Clam Digging
Ocean Shores, Washington


The Great Granperrins said...

We never knew your girls, except for Nicole, so are excited to see these pictures. Thank you.

Nancy said...

These girls are just beautiful! Are they your daughters?


Yes, Nancy they are our twin daughters and yes they are beautiful!
Cari died of breast cancer at the age of 42. She was married to a German man and taught in a German High School in Potsdam. She was a very talented woman and loved by her German students.

Christiane said...

I knew Cari for several years in Berlin before her mariage. Wie worked together in Berlin-Buch (she worked in a medical journal)and we went for mountain climbing together several times. She treid to teach me English and I teached her German, we had a lot of fun. Im so sorry to learn she died!!
I also met Lori once in Berlin, when she visited Cari.
I would be very thankful for knowing where she is buried in Berlin, I still live here.. and would like to say good bye. Christiane Glaser


Hello Christiane,
How ironic that just the day before your post I was reading what Cari wrote concerning you and climbing. Amazing! She is buried in a cemetery just a few blocks from where she was living in a huge apartment complex. I will have to find the address. It's somewhere around here...I will contact you ASAP.
Here is my email if you wish to contact me. ReneeWTP@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

I ran into a list of fellow participants in the summer German language program sponsored by the DAAD in Leipzig (1995).
I saw Cari's name and recalled some of our conversations. I searched on Google, wondering where she was… and was very saddened to learn that she passed away. I saw her photo w/ her twin and remembered our conversations about being a twin (I've a fraternal twin). My condolences to her family.