Wednesday, December 4, 2013

5 December 1914 - 5 December 2013 99 years old

Verona Shirley Perrins Tomlinson
Mother would be ninety nine years old today. Born at home, she was number seven of eight children (five girls and three boys) to Edna Phippen and Samuel Perrins. Their house was located across the street from the Albion Normal School in the beautiful Cassia County Valley of Albion, Idaho. Mother lived in this house until her marriage to Vern Tomlinson on 21 December 1934.  She loved growing up in Albion.  She loved her family.
In high school Mother sang in the glee club and acted in numerous plays.  She played center on the girl's basketball team.  She also excelled in track and won races at the fourth and twenty fourth day celebrations in the near by towns.
Seeing her in this picture wadding in water was uncommon. She did not love being in the water like Father and I.   I guess that's why this is one of my favorite pictures of my mother. .  
  Happy Birthday, Mom. 



Maddison Capri said...

Happy Birthday, great grandma Tomlinson!

The Great Granperrins said...

I remember your mom fondly as a favorite aunt of my husband, as you are for sure our favorite cousin. di

Tom and Lisa said...

What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady.

Cassidy said...

Nice legs Great Grandma!


Thanks all for stopping by Tom and Lisa and Maddi and Cassidy. GreatGranperrins; I love that term and you guys are my favorites too.

Yes Cass, My mother had the MOST beautiful legs.