Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sam and Mary Jane Hepworth died at age forty five.

 Samuel Hepworth died just two years after his father Thomas died  at an early age of forty five.  His daughter Hettie had been married one year and LeRoy Samuel was seventeen years old.
I really like the article in the newspaper.  For someone doing Family Search it leaves no question of what he died of and the circumstances of his death.
  Then two years later almost to the day Mary Jane his wife of thirty four years died of Brights Disease or  Kidney Disease. She was forty five.  I couldn't find a notice in the paper about Many Jane death.  Both are buried in the .Salt lake Cemetery next to their two young daughters.
Mary Jane Powell Hepworth   b 21 Oct 1854 - d 30 May 1900
I feel such a closeness to this couple.
My Grandmother Ethel was about eleven and thirteen at the time of their deaths. Uncle Sam and Aunt Mary Jane lived next door.  I'm sure they shared many a holiday dinner together.


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