Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Katie and Mary Olsen sisters.

Just when I think I'm on a roll in posting, stuff comes up and 'Whispers from the Past' is put on the back burner.  And It will be awhile until the next post but, I wanted to to post these pictures  no matter how busy I am.  
SIDENOTE:  I am finding out that some members of my extended family think doing posts on ancestors of 'shirttail' lines are a waste of time.  Oh my.  I would like your opinion on this subject.  Do you enjoy reading about aunts, uncles, cousins or even in-laws?  I love it all.  And, I don't think is't a waste of time in gathering information on ALL.

How fortunate I feel to have the above pictures of these two sisters of when they are young and then in their  older years.  I don't have a written life history of either sister.

All I know is they are the only children of Sarah Julia Hepworth and Peter Olsen.   I do have information of who they married and how many children were born to them which I will post at a later date.  
Their father died at age of Fifty nine and their mother never married again.  She lived to the age of seventy four.


This is another picture of  Sarah Julia in her later years.   I don't have a date of when this picture was taken but, I'm guessing it was after 1908 when she would be about sixty.  What a nice looking lady, so pleasant and dignified.  
     Sarah Julia, if you read earlier posts on the Hepworth family,  was one year old when she crossed the plains with her parents Thomas and Mary and her Uncle John and Aunt Frances.  She is the oldest of the Hepworth's thirteen children.


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