Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dad and me in 1977.

Vern W. Tomlinson & Renee Tomlinson Petersen
July 1977

 Dad is sporting a dark mustache but his sideburns are gray.  His hair is thinning on top.  Isn't that typical of men when they start loosing their hair they grow hair on their face? Dad never lost all his hair.  I can't remember if Mother approved of his new look or not but, I don't think he sported the mustache for long or the sideburns.  He will soon be sixty five years old when this picture was taken in 1977 on a visit with our family in Richland.  He has been enjoying his retirement for one year.  
    Dad died at the early age of seventy eight.  Today he would be ninety nine years old. Miss you Dad; think of you often. 
  2 Aug 1913 - 13 Sep 1991.


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Lisa said...

Wow-I see alot of Uncle Gary in this picture. What a great photo of the both of you :)