Sunday, March 18, 2012

Found; Digitized original marriage records! A treasure.

This has been a very productive Sunday afternoon; researching on
 I found digitized marriage records for
 Liverpool, Lancashire, England, Marriages and Banns, 1813-1921 
So far I have found original records for:
two sets of third great-grandparents.  
Samuel Hepworth who married Sarah Jackson on
 25 Jun 1820 at Saint John, in Wakefield, York, England 
parents to John and Thomas Hepworth who joined the LDS church in 1850. 
Thomas is a gggrandfather I will be blogging about the most whenever I get going on this Hepworth line. 
The other ggggrandparents are;
James Fletcher b 16 Feb 1807, he married Julia Lightfoot on 29 Jun 1826 at 
St. Anne's, in Liverpool, Lancashire, England 
What's so great about this record is up until now is Julia's maiden name was unknown.  Now we know; LIGHTFOOT. 

Next is Thomas Hepworth b 1826 and Mary Fletcher b1832;
As I have posted before they were married 
27 Aug 1848
 Then John Hepworth b 1822  and Francis Amelia Fletcher b 1828 
married 28 Jan 1850 

What's so special about the original record, it shows the signature  of my ancestors.  Only one witness to John Hepworth and Frances Amelia Fletcher marriage cannot write her name; she has an x as her mark, it reads 
Jane Spencer her x mark.

Next post:  Naming pattern's of the English and how my ancestors followed the tradition or NOT.  

 James Fletcher and Julia Lightfoot
 Original digital marriage record for my third great grand father and mother
(before finding this record Julia's maiden name was 'unknown')
Father and Mother to Francis Amelia and Mary.
Samuel Hepworth and Sarah Jackson original digital marriage record
My third great grandfather and mother.
Parents to Thomas and John Hepworth 
Thomas Hepworth and Mary Fletcher digital original marriage record.
Second great grandfather and mother.
Migrated to Zion in 1852
John Hepworth and Francis Amelia Fletcher digital original marriage record.
Second great granduncle and aunt.
Migrated with brother Thomas Hepworth and Sister Mary Fletcher
  to Zion 1852

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