Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Tribute to Fred Cashmore Kidgell

Fred Cashmore Kidgell b 20 Dec 1871
 d 25 Nov 1939 Age 67
     Great-Uncle Fred died at the early age of sixty seven.   I really like this man and from this picture I can see where my father got his ears.  He died before I was born however, my older brother was four.  Did the family attend his funeral?  Grandmother Ethel? Aunt Louise? My father?  As I remember, Fred was one person that was talked about in my family.
In my research of G-Uncle Fred this is what I found I love about him;
  • A hard worker; someone who kept busy all the time. 
  • Once he was baptized in the LDS Church he was very devoted. 
  • Provided a fun loving home for his children, his children's friends and grandchildren
  • Could Cook wonderful Sunday Meals!
  • Was a gardener 
  • Could sing and play a banjo
  • A good neighbor
 This story is from Lily Jane's life history;
"...........Fred, played the banjo and sang bass.  After they were married Lily Jane took lessons on the guitar. She got so she could play and sing with her husband.  They used to sing and play the Gay Nineties songs, such as 'Bicycle Built for Two, After the Ball was Over, and Take me Out to the Ballgame .'"  Their son, Fred Charles, wouldn't leave his father's banjo alone and he kept loosening the keys.  It was so hard to get it tuned up that [Fred] gave up playing the banjo so Lily Jane gave up playing the guitar."

From the life history of Fred:
     "On Friday night, November 17, 1939, Fred Kidgell went ward teaching.  Before he left every body was kidding him because he looked so good. [while visiting in one of the homes] his companion said to [Fred] how he didn't look very good and they went outside for some fresh air.  He walked from the house to the gate and stood by a big tree.  He had a heart attack and they took him home.  He lived just one week after that and died on 25 November 1939."

     "One of his neighbors talked at his funeral.  [He] said what a wonderful neighbor he had been.  He called the path between his home and Fred Kidgell's a 'friendship path.'"  This 'friendship path' had been there for years, even before this neighbor had moved there.  An elderly lady, Mrs. Westerburg, had lived in this home and for years the Kidgell's had taken a hot dinner to her every Sunday and holiday. 
     I'm sure Lily Jane was heart broken when her beloveded, devoted husband died.  She was left a widow for twenty three years. 

    Great Uncle Fred I will always remember you.  

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