Saturday, December 10, 2011

Great Grandmother enjoys swimming at Saltair.

Stella Lily?  Sadie  Lily Jane
Saltair, Utah
    It's a cold day today where I live to be thinking about swimming in the Great Salt Lake (aka Saltair) where these bathing beauties had their picture taken.       My father put together a family album years ago that I have looked at a hundred times and it wasn't until last week that I spotted this picture and finally realized who is in this picture. Dad had two of the women labeled right; He put 'unknown' for the lady on the left, in the middle is Great grandmother Sarah (Sadie) Kidgell Hepworth and on the right is Lily Jane Kidgell a sister-in-Law to Sadie.  I'm wondering if the 'Unknown' is a daughter of Lily Jane either Stella Lily or Melba and I'm leaning more toward Stella Lily.  I found this photo on of Stella lily, even though the 'Salt Air' pic is not very clear I can see a resemblance in comparing this pic with the one below.  Wouldn't you agree?
Stella Lily Kidgell
You will notice the bathing hat on Stella is more updated than the two more 'old fashion' style of bathing cap on Sadie and Lily Jane.
     Pictures of people bobbing around in the Great Salt Lake always looking like they were having a great time have always been an interest to me yet, I have never been there. Here are two links to learn more about the resort of Saltair that opened on Memorial Day 

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