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Fred Cashmore Kidgell

Lily Jane is the ninth of eleven children.
     In the life history of Lily Jane written by her daughter Melba it tells about how Lily Jane met Fred.  Remember Fred worked for his step-father at the Logan City Brewery ; "One day Fred came to Lily Jane's home to pick up a beer keg that had been left by some boys.  (One might safely surmise that Lily Jane's brothers were the boys who had left the beer keg.)  Lily went out to show him where it was.  He was a good looking fellow, stoutly built,with blue eves and a healthy complexion and brown hair.  He asked her for a date,  Later on when he asked her to go steady she told him she wouldn't go with a fellow steady that smoked. "
Ariel b1902, Fred b1897, Lily b1895
Logan, Utah
     It was a year later he was baptized into the LDS Chruch and they were soon  married in the Salt Lake Temple.
I am just realizing that other ordinances for the Kidgell family were done that same day, 14 Nov. 1894.  Fred's mother, Sarah Ann had five of her nine children sealed to her and her deceased husband Charles. Sarah Ann and Charles were sealed to each other in the Endowment House on 9 Jun 1866. Three children were born after 1866 so were BIC (Born in the Covenant.) Fred acted as proxy for his deceased father Charles.   Lily Jane acted as proxy for Caroline Loftus Kidgell who died at age nineteen months.  Others in attendance in the Temple were my great-grand mother Sarah Ann (Sadie)Kidgell Hepworth and her young son's James Edward Hepworth and Charles Vern Hepworth who acted as proxy's for three other deceased sons of Sarah Ann and Charles Kidgell.  What a joy full day this must have been.
     Fred was active in the LDS Church serving as Superintendent of the Sunday School as well as other Church positions; in 1935 Fred and Lily Jane were called by the Stake Presidency as special missionaries to do ordinances  work in the Logan Temple during that year. How they enjoyed doing this assignment. 
     Fred was a good cook; one of his specialty was making sauerkraut.  He went to the town of Providence to find out how the German people living there made it.  He had his pretty white barrel and made a tamper.  He would cut up the cabbage he grew in his garden and tamp it tight into the barrel.  Then it had to stand so long in the barrel to ferment.  Just thinking about it makes our mouths water.  (From the history written by Melba)
352 East Firs South, Logan, Utah 

More to come on Fred Cashmore Kidgell.

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