Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sarah Ann Lives to be 84 Years Old

     From August of 1899 Sarah Ann lived in this house at
 757 West First North St. [today it is Second North] Salt Lake City, Utah until her death 20 Nov. 1913.  
She died in the L.D.S. hospital.
Others living in the house over the fourteen years of time were her daughter Sadie [Sarah Ann], her husband James Hepworth, [owners of the house] and their children James, Charles, and Ethel, my grandmother.  My father Vern, was three months old when Sarah Ann died.  

Mrs. Sarah Ann Kidgell, aged 84 years, widow of the late
Charles Kidgell, and pioneer, who died
Thursday night at a local hospital, will be
buried Sunday afternoon, services
being held at 12:30 in the Sixteenth Ward chapel.
Friends desirous of viewing the body may do so
at the home of her daughter, Mrs. James Hepworth, 757
West First North from 10:30 to 12:30 the
day of the funeral.
Mrs. Kidgell has been a sufferer for several years, and
was taken to the hospital to undergo an operation in
the hopes of a cure.  For several days
it seemed that she would recover, but a relapse, ensued,
from which she could not rally.
Mrs. Kidgell was born in Birmingham, Eng., in 1829 and
joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
with her husband in 1850, coming to Salt Lake five
years later.  She settled in the Ninth Ward
where she was a faithful worker in the Relief Society
for many years.  She resided in Logan for some time where
she was also known for her charity and kindheartedness.
Mrs. Kidgell is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Joseph Bithell
and Mrs. James Hepworth os Salt Lake and a son, Fred C. Kidgell
of Logan; also 10 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.
Six of her children, a daughter and five sons, died in infancy.

It is said to be that Sarah Ann suffered with gall bladder problems for several years.  
After being operated on she developed pneumonia which was the cause of death.  
Taken from the Kidgell Cashmore Histories:  Mrs. Kidgell lived for many years with her
daughter Mrs. James Hepworth.  She was a great sufferer for many years but was nursed 
and cared for by her daughter and Mr. Hepworth more assiduously,  She was not
allowed to suffer, every wish was gratified as far as it was possible and every 
want supplied. 

More comments on Sarah Ann at a later posting.  
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Adrian & Maddison said...

Pneumonia seems to be a very common cause of death for people during that time, and even for some people now. Was Sarah Ann active in the church her whole life?


Hi Maddi, Pneumonia, if you remember reading about the death of Charles, was the result of being kicked in the chest by a horse causing his death. Oh! how I disliked having to post the death of GGGrandfather Charles. I felt a real closeness to him. I think Sarah Ann fell away from the church for a time. I feel Great-Grandmother Sadie (Sarah Ann) did not approve of her mother marrying Herman and left home when she was about 14 or 15. Where she went, I don't know, I just cannot find her and she is not living at her mother's house. In 1893 Sarah Ann is rebaptized. I have old sheets of a temple register showing that she was doing genealogy and doing the work in the Temple from 1893 until she dies in 1913. She did renew her faith in the gospel. Thanks for asking. Love you, Grand 'R'