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Saturday - APRIL 2, 1898 
Messr. Hyrum DeWitt and Jacob Theurer returned on Thursday from Salt Lake, whither they accompanied Herman Vogel, the would-be suicide.  A successful operation of some kind was performed on Vogel, and unless unexpected complications ensure, he is sure to recover.  

Tuesday - 5 April 1898
The Logan Tri-Weekly Journal
Herman Vogel, according to the latest reports, is getting along quite nicely, and his chances for recovery are still considered good.  On Saturday it is said, he ordered a case of beer to be sent down to Salt Lake;  but whether it was for his own consumption or that of his friends is not known. 

Herman died on the 4th of April!  Notice the above article was in the newspaper on the 5th.  I see in the article dated 9 April, second paragraph,(see below) would explain how this happened. It seems Fred got a letter (report) saying how well he was doing which they reported the information to the paper only to find out that, that evening he died and too late to pull it from the paper.  

The Deseret News 
Wednesday - 6 April 1898
Vogel --------- of Logan Utah in this city at St. Marks Hospital April 4th 1898, of gunshot wound.  Herman Vogel, Born October 24, 1844 in Germany.
Funeral services will be held Thursday at 2 p.m. from the funeral chapel of undertaker Jos. William Taylor 21 South West Temple street under the auspicious of Salt Lake Valley Lodge No 12 A.O.U.W.  All friends and members of the A. O.U.W. and Degree of Honor are respectfully invited to attend.

Thursday - 7 April 1898
Herman Vogel who shot himself in this city a short time ago, died in St. Mark's hospital of blood poisoning, on Monday evening, the news of his death reaching here between 7 and 8 o'clock on that evening.  On Tuesday afternoon Mrs. Vogel, her daughter Mrs. Hepworth, and Mr. Fred Kidgell, went to Salt Lake, where Vogel was buried, for the purpose of attending the funeral.  Vogel was getting along first-rate until blood-poisoning set in, which speedily put an end to his troubles.  Mrs. Vogel  will receive $2,000 from the A.O.U.W. of which organization 
her husband was a member. 

Thursday - 7 April 1898
Poor Herman Vogel has passed to his last long rest.  Those who feel inclined to too severely censure his rash act should suspend judgement.  "Every heart knoweth its own bitterness."  and no man knows what was in his mind at the time he concluded to abandon it all, nor the thoughts which may have haunted him for months preceding the act which terminated his life.  On march 29th that act was committed; on April the 4th he died, surrounded by strangers, and his remains have been interred amongst stranger.  God only knows what thought surged through his mind during the interval elapsing between the shooting and his death.  Certainly he should be exonerated from the blame among those who knew him as a genial, peaceable citizen, and left to the judgement of an all-wise Father who doeth all thing well, 
"Judge not lest ye' be judged."

Saturday - 9 April 1898
F.C. Kidgell and Mrs. Vogel returned from Salt Lake yesterday, where they went to attend the funeral of Herman Vogel, which occurred on Thursday.  Vogel was buried in the city cemetery there, the burial being conducted by the A.O.U.W. (Ancient Order of United Workmen) of which organization the deceased was a member.  The services were quite  imposing and very impressive.  
Mr. F. C. Kidgell explains that the reason none of Mr. Vogel's immediate family from Logan were present at his death, was because they had just received rapidly, and all reports indicated that he was improving.  The first intimation they had to the contrary was at 5:20 on the evening of the day he died, and at 7:35 it was followed by one announcing his death, giving them no time to go down.  During his stay in the hospital he was visited by relatives living in Salt Lake. 

I just found Herman's headstone on, not a good picture but I can see the inscription better in my software program. 
He is buried in the Salt Lake Cemetery; 
plot 22098 D-3-1-S2-E-1.
The information for the headstone given by 
whoever is incorrect.
The name is correct 'Herman A P Vogel" the birth year and death year is incorrect;  1843 should be 1844;
1899 should be 1898.  Wrong information on a headstone is not uncommon. 
From the newspaper articles it sounds like there should be other relatives beside step- children. And, the reference of "he died, surrounded by strangers, and his remains have been interred amongst stranger" I guess is reference to the fact Sarah Ann or Fred was not at his bedside when he died and he is not buried in the KIDGELL plot that was purchased many years before this event.  
  Oh! To know the WHOLE story.    Someday, I hope soon, 
I will visit Herman's grave site, and get a better photograph of the headstone 
  and maybe find more information about the man. 
 May he Rest In Peace.  
To repeat what was printed in the newspaper:
 "Every heart knoweth its own bitterness." and 
"Judge not lest ye' be judged."

Stay Tuned!

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