Thursday, April 28, 2011

Grandmother Ethel Hepworth Tomlinson; age abt 11 or 12.

Ethel Hepworth b 9 May 1887 Salt Lake City
Mother is Sadie (Sarah Ann) Kidgell
Father is James Edward Hepworth

More thoughts about my father's maternal family before the next posting on the demise Herman Vogel.
This is my Grandmother Ethel Hepworth Tomlinson who would have been eleven years old, soon to be twelve when her Step-Grandfather Herman Vogel died.  There was never a mention of this marriage of her grandmother Sarah Ann to Herman to any of her descendants.  
It was not until February 2003 when I met Lily Jane at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City did I find out.   Fred Cashmore Kidgell is Lily Jane's Grandfather; she was researching newspapers looking for information concerning her Grandparents (Fred and Lily Jane) when she came across the articles reporting the bazaar death of Herman.  Lily Jane is one generation closer, Sarah Ann is her Great Grandmother and she had no idea, either.
However, Cashmore cousins in England know the story!  I will explain; I have uploaded my family file in when my file was discovered by a distant cousin, Doreen. (Who lives in England.)   She contacted me concerning the Cashmore line and made mention by asking "Is it true about the death of Sarah Ann's husband Herman Vogel?"
She went on to say how this story is retold at almost every family gathering!  With this 'mention' that Doreen sent  to me in an e-mail there is no need to doubt that Doreen is a descendant. 

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Adrian & Maddison said...

Grandma, what was Fred's reaction to the event? It really only tells of his quarrel with Herman the night before. Also, I have heard of these kinds of things happening but never would have thought it would have happened in our family. Thanks for sharing!