Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ninth child Fredrick Cashmore Kidgell

My favorite cake is coconut!
     Is it Fredrick or just plain Fred I ask myself.  All the records I have seen (minus a birth record) is just 'Fred' but, for some reason you think he must have been given the more 'formal' name.  Fred is the ninth child of Sarah Ann and Charles born just before Christmas day.  My great-grandmother Sarah Ann would be seven years old and I'm sure she felt this newborn to be a wonderful Christmas gift for their family.   
When he was a young boy, it really made him happy when his mother or sisters made a coconut layer cake.  At school one day they were going to have a picnic, and each child was to bring something for the lunch, then put the food altogether. [A potluck lunch]  His sisters [Ellen and Sarah Ann] made him a coconut layer cake.  They dressed him in a little velvet suit with short pants and sent him on his way with the coconut layer cake.  When he arrived at the party he just didn't want to put his cake with the rest of the food, so he climbed up a tree and sat there and ate the cake.  No one could get him to come down.  (Story written my his daughters, Melba K Gedge and Stella Lily K. Olsen)

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