Thursday, February 3, 2011

Just so you know!

Dear Family and Friends,
As I have said before this is a work in progress and I have learned much since I started this genealogy blog. 
A very busy mother of three young boys Juliet helped me in redesigning my blog.  Thank You Juliet and don't you agree it is much better?   Oh, so much better I think. 
The bee theme has great personal meaning in my life!  And the life and symbol of a bee has great meaning!  
Those of you that are alerted by e-mail that a new post has been posted only to find it's a post you have already read, I apologize, this is because I have been going back and editing older post, cleaning them up, correcting sentence structure, just fixing. 
Renée 1 May  2010 Hepworth House Salt Lake City
Thanks for your patience. 

Next post:  Sarah Ann and & Charles cross the plains. 

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Nancy said...

Oh, your new header and background are beautiful! The whole blog is just lovely. Juliet's work is beautiful! (Sometimes I think I need a Juliet....)