Saturday, February 12, 2011

Aunt Louise Wherrett Tomlinson Morris Hicks 1918-1998

Louise Wherrett Tomlinson abt. 1940

Dad had one sibling.   Aunt Louise was born on this day in 1918, five and a half years after Dad.  She is my name sake, Louise Renée however, I have always gone by the latter name.  She shares this day with her first born, Ardyth Ann, who is my only living first cousin on my dad's side.  Ardyth is nine months younger than me and she is my greatest cheerleader when it comes to my passion of Family Search. Happy Birthday Ardyth! I am grateful for her encouragement and enthusiasm that she expresses to me often.  It  helps me keep on keeping on in doing this work.  

I will be writing Louise's 'life history' at a later time.   Aunt Louise had two children Ardyth, and Lee Vern Morris who is deceased.
 (b 1945-d 1990)   
Louise taught school for over thirty years. Her first teaching assignment after getting her 'teacher's certificate' from Albion State Normal School  was in Howell, Idaho near Arco, Idaho.  It was there she met and married a local cow boy Delbert Osker Morris on 17 February 1941.   She became a 'single mother' soon after Lee was born.  She continued with her education and  specialized in the field of special education moving to Fremont, California where she was very well respected by her peers.  She was a successful 'head of the household' when that was uncommon.  Not only were her children in her sole care financially but, her mother, Ethel Hepworth Tomlinson also, (my grandmother) starting from when the children were very young.  I remember Aunt Louise  as a fun 'let's do it' type of person; someone my father loved and was very proud of her professional achievements and as a single mother in a very difficult time. She was very bright and preserved through many adversity's. She did marry again to Gearin Hicks on 6 November 1972.(More about this at a later date)    Aunt Louise, we will never forget you! 

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